Summer School: Liquid Modernity and its Socio-Political Effects and the International Conference – 18th-23rd of September 2017

Link Campus University in Rome with the International Sociological Association Research Committee Sociotechnics and Sociological practice (ISA-RC26) and the Italian Sociological Association-Political Sociology Section (AIS-Sezione di Sociologia politica) organize the

Summer School: Liquid Modernity and its Socio-Political Effects 


the International Conference: G7 and Sociology: Democracy, migrations and conflicts

Rome 18th-23rd of September 2017

Both events will be held at Link Campus University, Via Casale di San Pio V, n. 44 Roma


Link Campus University

Liquid modern ity, as Bauman theorized, entails, when used to analyze our societies, a challenge and a different perspective on all aspects of socio-political life in complex societies: economy, migrations, sustainability, politics and indeed democracy are rapidly changing and their analysis, as well as the necessary policies to deal with them, appear complex and often unclear.

The Summer School will highlight dynamics, main issues and possible outcomes of current socio-political trends, providing the students with the means of analysis that will help them deal with the challenges brought by a fast changing world, as future scholars, political or private sector professionals.

The Summer School in Liquid Modernity and its Socio-Political Effects will be organized as a residential, full immersion school, completed by a two days International Conference at the end. Students and Professors from all over the world will leave together, on the same premises where classes will be taught.

We welcome applications from students who have completed at least a first degree course in any of the Social Sciences fields, Master and Ph.D students, Post-Docs, as well as professionals working in public administrations, or in the political or private sector.
Seminars and conferences will be held in English.

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Please send all your communications to the Director of the School, Prof. Flaminia Saccà: sacca@unitus.it

AND IN ADDITION to the following:
Dr. Lorenzo Viviani: lorenzo.viviani@unipi.it
Accomodation information:
Dr. Marco Damiani: marco.damiani@unipg.it
Grants applications:
Dr. Michele Negri: michele.negri@gmail.com




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